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Grass-Fed Prenatal Collagen Peptides (16 oz.)

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SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH IN PREGNANCY - Provide your body with the essential Protein, Glycine, Amino Acids and Collagen it needs throughout your pregnancy. Power your immune health, promote healthy digestion, help prevent joint pain and strengthen your bones. Feel the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of our collagen peptides and enjoy a sense of security and peace of mind in these delicate months.

CARE FOR YOUR BODY - Help keep your pelvic floor muscles strong and under control even in your third trimester. Hydrate and nourish your skin to minimize those unpleasant stretch marks and tearing. Put an end to dry skin and dull hair. Keep your brain sharp and enjoy better quality sleep so you can look and feel your best through this special time.

GOOD FOR MOM, GOOD FOR BABY - Fuel a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby and a happier postpartum period with our collagen peptides. Support your baby’s healthy development in the womb with amino acids. Help reduce postpartum hair loss and recover faster following birth. Give your baby optimal nutrition by promoting healthier breastfeeding - our special formula peptides are made for moms like you!

PURE & SAFE FORMULA - Safety and purity should be your number 1 concern when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. Our grass-fed and pasture raised Prenatal Collagen Peptides are verified pesticide-free so you can enjoy a safer, more pure option. Plus this flavorless and odorless powder easily dissolves into your morning coffee, favorite beverage, smoothies, soups and won’t give you the ‘clumpy’ drink many competing peptides do.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU - Biomeology’s mission is to offer moms and babies the finest quality supplements possible. Good health is important for mother and baby alike - both during pregnancy and postpartum. Our products are designed to help you avoid and deal with the many health issues pregnancy and motherhood can bring. So live with joy and give your little one the best start in life with Biomeology!

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Jeanine G.
Love this collagen (and great customer service!)

This is my second pregnancy and I've used this collagen power daily for the last 3+ months (wish I'd found it sooner!) It makes me feel so much more healthy and balanced. I found that once I started taking it I craved healthy foods/snacks a lot more. My hair, skin and nails also seem a lot more refreshed. We are due in February, so 3.5 months to go, and i look forward to continue using this! Also - I got the wrong item the second time I ordered, and the customer service rep mailed out the right item asap while let ting me keep the one i'd recived by mistake, free of charge.
They are SO responsive and helpful.
Great customer service and great product. 10/10 recommend if you're feeling tired, a bit weaker/fragile, and are hoping to stimulate the craving of healthy snacks vs non-healthy.

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