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Probióticos infantiles

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Dale a tu bebé el mejor comienzo de la vida.

La salud intestinal de su bebé tendrá un profundo impacto en su salud general. Nuestro polvo probiótico para bebés ayuda a mejorar su salud intestinal, afectando así el sistema inmunitario y la función digestiva.Esto aumenta la resistencia a la enfermedad, el reflujo infantil, el estreñimiento, el cólico, la diarrea, etc.

Nuestros probióticos infantiles están hechos de 12 de las bacterias vivas más beneficiosas, lo que ayuda a mantener a su hijo de 0 a 36 meses en buena salud durante toda la vida.

Mezcla de synbiota en ensayos clínicos

El polvo probiótico para lactantes y niños pequeños contiene probióticos y probióticos que trabajan juntos para mejorar la supervivencia de bifidobacterias infantiles, Lactobacillus Roy y otros probióticos intestinales.

Esto permite a los microbios beneficiosos fortalecer la función de barrera epitelial y tener un mayor impacto en la inflamación y el sistema inmunitario.Esto ayuda a proteger su felicidad de los cólicos causados por el llanto y la dolorosa diarrea por rotura de pañales.

Hecho con orgullo en los Estados Unidos

Los probióticos bioreológicos infantiles no modificados genéticamente hechos de prebióticos orgánicos se prueban en lotes de laboratorio independientes para la pureza y consistencia.

Nuestro polvo probiótico para bebés se mide previamente en cápsulas individuales para mantener la frescura y la eficacia y se puede mezclar en biberones, alimentos o bebidas para bebés.También es bueno para la lactancia materna: agregue un poco a su pecho antes de amamantar, o Póngalo en su dedo o cuchara para alimentar directamente a su bebé.

Inodoro e insípido, proporciona una manera sencilla de asegurar que su hijo crezca tan saludable y feliz como sea posible.

Forma la salud inmune y digestiva de los niños.¡Ordene el polvo probiótico para bebés de biometología hoy!

Customer Reviews

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The best!

I make my own baby formula and have tried several other probiotics but they made my baby vomit or WOuldn't dissolve in the formula or didn't have the best strains. I found this one and it's everything I needed it to be! I also have a toddler that I give this to and it has really been beneficial in many ways. I love that it is in capsules that are dosed that I can open when I need to. I also took the pregnancy probiotics from this company as well and really had success with them. Thank you!

Lindsey A.
Happy for the most part

I am Happy wIth this product so far as i feel like it has helped with my baby’s Tummy troubles. I wish there was an easier way to give to my baby though. For babies under 6 months they can only have half of what is in the capsule so i have to try to portion it out every time. That’s the only reason i gave four stars.

Great product

I love that this has pre and probiotics. The probiotics need the preBiotics to feed. I can tell a difference in his gut already after a few weeks.
My only SUGGESTION is To make a VERSION 1 and version 2 with different pre/probiotics so we could switch back and forth. I was doing some reading that the body needs to mix it up a bit or it gets to used to them and then they AREN'T as effective. Then i would never need to switch brands back and forth.

Amazing product

Hi Yasmine, I just wanted to say that after the first 3 days on Biomeology, our baby’s constipation completely went away. He previously had a difficult BM once a week for the past 2 months but 3 days after starting Biomeology, he has been regular every single day! It’s felt like a miracle! Before Biomeology, I tried so many other products and home remedies, and nothing seemed to work. It was so heartbreaking to watch him in pain every week. His pediatrician and gastroenterologist both recommended putting him on daily laxatives for a full month, which I was NOT comfortable with. I am so grateful and thrilled that we have been able to avoid this!

I saw that the probiotics just came back in stock and I just ordered our second bottle. I will definitely recommend Biomeology to my mommy friends! Thank you for making an amazing product!! 🙏

Everything we were looking for

I was having such a struggle finding a probiotic that was perfect for my kids. They struggled with constipation and hard stools. Biomeology probiotics made such an improvement. I had tried several that my naturopath recommended and nothing seemed to help. I will be sharing this info with my naturopath so that she can tell other parents that Biomeology is very effective.

Mantente conectado, mamá

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