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Infant and Toddler Probiotics

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Give your baby the best start in life

Your baby’s gut health will have far-reaching effects on their overall well-being. Our Infant Probiotic Powder helps build up their gut health to influence the immune system and digestive function. This enhances resilience to illnesses, baby reflux, constipation, colic, diarrhea, and more.

Meticulously formulated with 12 of the most beneficial live strains, our infant and toddler probiotics help position your 0-36 month old child for a lifetime of better health.

Clinically studied synbiotic blend

Biomeology Infant and Toddler Probiotic Powder contains both prebiotics and probiotics that work together to enhance the survivability of our Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus reuteri, and other probiotics in the gut.

This allows beneficial microflora to reinforce the barrier function of the epithelium and have greater anti-inflammatory and immune system impact. This helps protect your bundle of joy from the cry-inducing discomfort of colic and distressing diaper blowouts of diarrhea.

Proudly made in the USA

Non-GMO and made with organic prebiotics, Biomeology probiotics for infants are batch-tested by an independent lab for purity and consistency.

Pre-measured in individual capsules to maintain freshness and efficacy, our infant probiotic powder can be mixed into your baby's bottle, food, or drink. It's also breastfeeding-friendly: add a little to the breast before nursing or place some on your finger or a baby spoon and serve it directly to your baby.

Odorless and flavorless, it offers a simple means for ensuring that your child grows up as healthy and happy as possible.

Shape your child’s immune and digestive health. Order Biomeology Infant Probiotic Powder today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product

I love that this has pre and probiotics. The probiotics need the preBiotics to feed. I can tell a difference in his gut already after a few weeks.
My only SUGGESTION is To make a VERSION 1 and version 2 with different pre/probiotics so we could switch back and forth. I was doing some reading that the body needs to mix it up a bit or it gets to used to them and then they AREN'T as effective. Then i would never need to switch brands back and forth.

Amazing product

Hi Yasmine, I just wanted to say that after the first 3 days on Biomeology, our baby’s constipation completely went away. He previously had a difficult BM once a week for the past 2 months but 3 days after starting Biomeology, he has been regular every single day! It’s felt like a miracle! Before Biomeology, I tried so many other products and home remedies, and nothing seemed to work. It was so heartbreaking to watch him in pain every week. His pediatrician and gastroenterologist both recommended putting him on daily laxatives for a full month, which I was NOT comfortable with. I am so grateful and thrilled that we have been able to avoid this!

I saw that the probiotics just came back in stock and I just ordered our second bottle. I will definitely recommend Biomeology to my mommy friends! Thank you for making an amazing product!! 🙏

Everything we were looking for

I was having such a struggle finding a probiotic that was perfect for my kids. They struggled with constipation and hard stools. Biomeology probiotics made such an improvement. I had tried several that my naturopath recommended and nothing seemed to help. I will be sharing this info with my naturopath so that she can tell other parents that Biomeology is very effective.

Ashley D.
Great probiotic

Fast shipping, great packaging, and easy to administer with the capsules.

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