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Healthcare Practitioners and Birthworkers: Become a Biomeology Affiliate

At Biomeology, we have a big mission to support moms and babies around the world. To help achieve this goal, we're looking for like-minded partners who are interested in spreading the word. 

If you are a birth professional, midwife, doula, OBGYN, pediatrician, birth educator, prenatal fitness coach, lactation consultant, health coach, nutritionist, dietitian — or anyone serving mothers and children in a professional capacity — we want to work with you!

  • 15% commission on all sales
  • 5% royalties
  • 45-day tracking window
  • Opportunities to partner on blog posts, social media, giveaways, and other collabs

Would you like to join our mission? Apply Here.

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Note: If you're not a practitioner but want to join as an affiliate, please apply here.